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11 best vegan products to try this Veganuary and beyond

From sweet treats to savoury delights, stock up your cupboards with these tasty products...

Emily Goddard


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Author of how to vegan launches notorious nooch co with bacon cheese flavoured nutritional yeast

Notorious Nooch Co. has launched what it claims is the UK’s first naturally flavoured nutritional yeast...

Emma Clarkson


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I really enjoyed the cheese version!

Notorious Nooch Co. - Best for satisfying Christmas cravings

Christmas can be a hard time for vegans because meals typically consist of lots of meat and other animal products. This is where a product like Notorious Nooch Co. can be really useful - this clever bunch have managed to recreate the flavours of both cheese and bacon using nutritional yeast....

You Well

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These are great for sprinkling onto food to add a bit of flavour...

11 best vegan products to shop online, from sausages to salmon

From sweet treats to savoury delights, stock up your cupboards with these tasty products...

Emily Goddard

The Independent

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NPD Trend Tracker: From 3D printed gummies to smoky bacon "nooch"

What is ‘nooch’, you ask? The term is short for nutritional yeast, and UK brand Notorious Nooch Co has just released two new flavours of it ...

Flora Southey

Food Navigator

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Notorious Nooch branding aims to reflect how vegans are eating today

The product and its branding are the brainchild of Wildish & Co design studio, and aims to bring the category’s branding “out of the 80s”...

Molly Long

Design Week

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Omg I love
this! What a
great idea, can definitely see what the team means by other branding being stuck in
the 80s.

‘How To Vegan’ Author Unveils Naturally Flavoured Notorious Nooch, Nutritional Yeast Designed For Plant-Based Diets

Author of ‘How To Vegan’ Steven Wildish, whose book explores the A-Z of veganism, has co-founded Notorious Nooch Co...

Tanuvi Joe

Green Queen

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This Week in Food: SPACs: food businesses new best friend. Plus: The world’s first cultured meat delivery and a classic case of David and Goliath

SPAC listings are providing food companies with a cheaper and quicker avenue for going public...

Nicola Spalding

Food Hack Global

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8 New Things For Foodies This Month

We’re back with our monthly foodie (& drinks) favourites and this May you’re in for a treat...

Isabelle Shurry

Hip & Healthy

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Their Nooch is really cool! I love using it.

Author of 'How to Vegan' launches Notorious Nooch Co.

Author of “How To Vegan” Launches Notorious Nooch Co. Notorious Nooch Co, the UK’s first naturally flavoured nutritional yeast, launched to pack a punch for plant-based diets...

Courtney Garza


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Vegan Insight

Notorious Nooch Co. has launched the UK’s first ever, naturally flavoured nutritional yeast. The brand’s mission is to make it easier, tastier and more fun to rethink meat and dairy...

Author of ‘How To Vegan’ Launches Notorious Nooch Co.

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What’s New In Food This Month

From low-calorie ice cream to summer spirits with a twist, there are plenty of exciting launches to know about in the food world this month...

Georgina Blaskey


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Notorious Nooch: toasting flakes to flavour nutritional yeast

Steve Wildish gives insight into how his culinary curiosity led to creating his plant-based nutritional yeast brand, Notorious Nooch...

Anay Mridul

The Vegan Review

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Francesca Brown

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I love them!

UK’s first ever naturally flavoured nutritional yeast has launched

Calling all UK vegans! There is a new nooch on the block!...

Rachel Smith

Vegan Food & Living

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They are super tasty and I can't believe how cheesy the cheese flavour is, it's so good on pasta.